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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment | Health Facilities

Emergency Preparedness Resources for Assisted Living Residences

Welcome to the emergency preparedness resources page for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division. Here you will find a variety of resources and information to help health care facilities develop, implement and maintain emergency operations plans.


The first step for each planning team should be defining hazards in their community that could affect their facility. Local emergency managers can help determine if there are hazards (like chemical plants) that could affect your facility. There may be additional hazards in the community beside the five state regulations require facilities to prepare for. Depending on the facility’s unique building characteristics, each residence should take into consideration staff, location, residents’ capabilities, transportation, and other parameters unique to that facility in order to respond to disasters efficiently and safely.


It is the responsibility of each facility to modify, change or create Emergency Operations Plans that work for their facilities and employees. The Basic Plan, Standard Operating Procedures, Scripted Messages, and especially the Job Actions herein are templates, examples and samples only. Emergency Operations Planning Teams and Staff from facilities should determine the steps their staff will take for each disaster scenario.


DISCLAIMER: Sample emergency operations plans, examples, forms and templates including, but not limited to, the Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding, provided herein, while authoritative, are intended for informational and guidance purposes only. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment/Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division assumes no responsibility for facility use of such plans, examples and templates. The facility assumes all risk of use of such use. Facilities are advised to consult with their legal and insurance advisors concerning legality and liability issues associated with the adoption and implementation of an emergency operation plan.