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After an Event

This section of the web site describes the information you need and the actions you can take - as an individual, a member of the media, a public safety official, or an elected official – in the first 12-48 hours after a “dirty bomb” or nuclear explosion.  These actions are intended to help you begin the recovery process.  


The information in this section focuses primarily on psychological recovery from a traumatic event. Your public health officials and elected leaders will give specifics about the recovery and continuing operation of government, services, and business operations. Please continue listening to them for specific instructions about when you can leave your shelter or return to your home, when services will be returning to the impacted areas, and what long-term actions you should take to protect your health and safety and that of your loved ones.


We are a resilient community and this is recoverable event. Radiation can be detected and it can be cleaned up. We will work together to return the impacted areas and people to normal as quickly as we can.


Keep in mind that the recovery period from a “dirty bomb” would likely be much shorter than the recovery period from a nuclear explosion. For either situation, recovery can last from weeks to years depending on the extent of destruction and amount of contamination. Your public safety officials will instruct you in specific actions for your location and areas you should avoid during this time.


The further away you are from the event, the better chance you have had minimal or no impact. Do not burden the hospitals and other health services if you can handle your own decontamination or if you are outside the effected area.






Please contact us if you have any further questions