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Radiological Information for Professionals


Radiation Emergencies: Background Information (CDC)
Background information is covered in the areas of radiological facts or myths, glossary, radiation measurement, and population monitoring after a radiological release.

  • Radiation Emergency Information for Clinicians and Hospitals (CDC)
    The topical areas of this website are Guidelines & Recommendations, Training & Education, and Resources Outside of the CDC. For health care providers, it serves as the once of the most well rounded and up-todate locations for resources and fact sheets in areas such as radiological terrorism, acute radiation syndrome, cutaneous radiation injury, and mass casualty information.


  • Mobile Version of Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM) Website (HHS)
    The Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM) website provides guidance for health care providers, primarily physicians, about clinical diagnosis and treatment during mass casualty radiological/nuclear events. It provides just-in-time, evidence-based, usable information with sufficient background and context to make complex issues understandable to those without formal radiation medicine expertise and provides web-based information that is also downloadable in advance, so that it would be available during an event if the internet is not accessible.

  • Selection of Equipment pdf file                                                                                  




  • Center for Disease Control                                                                                                                Public Health Planning for Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism                                                                This web-based training will provide public health officials with the most current information regarding public health planning for response to radiation emergencies, including information on local government roles and responsibilities, radiological monitoring of people, pharmaceutical countermeasures deployed by the strategic national stockpile, and the role of communications in a radiation emergency.

  • FEMA Independent Study Program                                                                                              Radiological Emergency Management (IS-3)                                                                                       This web-based independent study course is intended to provide members of the general public with an overview of several types of radiological emergencies and introduces the nature, degree of hazard, and general emergency response. Specific emergency response guidance, such as how to operate radiation detection equipment or how to respond to a radiation incident, is presented in other courses.

    Modular Emergency Radiological Response Transportation Training (IS-302)  
    This independent study course includes the following topics: radiological basics, biological effects, hazard recognition (markings, labels, and placards), initial response actions, radioactive material shipping packages, on-scene patient handling, radiological terminology and units, assessing package integrity, radiation detection instrumentation, and radiological decontamination. This series of modules can serve as refresher training for those already proficient in radiological response. If you are interested in pursuing the full 18 module course, please refer to the Colorado Course Overview.                                                      


  • US Department of Energy                                                                                                                Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training (MERRTT) Instructor Support                                                                                                                                                                           Radiation Specialist                                                                                                                               This course was designed to meet the training competencies outlined in the 2008 version of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 472, Annex G Competencies for the Technician with a Radioactive Material Specialty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS) 

















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