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Volunteer Coordinator

Koral O'brienKoral O’Brien

Koral has development and oversight of the Colorado Volunteer Mobilizer System. To oversee and direct the medical volunteer system in Colorado through a collaborative effort that includes local, state, and federal agencies. In conjunction with the Medical Reserve Corps, Citizen Corps, Citizen Emergency Response Corps and the Strategic National Stockpile project, recruit volunteers into a common database that could be used for activation of volunteers in a public health emergency or catastrophic, disaster emergency.

Immediately after the attacks on September 11, 2001, thousands of people spontaneously showed up at ground zero in New York City to volunteer their assistance. A large number of these volunteers arrived to provide medical assistance to the victims. In most cases authorities were unable to distinguish those that were qualified from those that were not qualified. With such a large unsolicited response there was no mechanism to organize and coordinate those volunteers.

Our goal is to have pre-identified and credentialed medical and public health professional to respond effectively to disasters in the state of Colorado. If you wish to join the Colorado Volunteer Mobilizer, log onto the website (https://covolunteers.state.co.us/) at which time you will be able to pick a general category to volunteer for or a Medical Reserve Corps. Background checks are conducted on all volunteers who register in the system and credentials will be verified. You will be notified if you are accepted.


We realize that your time is extremely valuable. With this in mind we have identified numerous levels of participation within the Colorado Public Health and Medical Volunteer System. Detailed information on each of these levels can be found in the additional Colorado Volunteer Mobilizer Fact Sheet.


Please contact us if you have any further questions