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Communications & Healthcare Resource Tracking Programs Coordinator

Natalie RigginsNatalie Riggins

HC Standard
HC Standard is a web-based interactive communication tool added to ensure healthcare organizations would be able to integrate and coordinate planning with each other during an event. HC standard allows for coalition partners to share information related to their observations and supplies or needs. It provides real-time reporting on resource categories such as ventilators, staff, medications, supplies, patients, etc. HC Standard has the ability to upload and share evacuation plans, floor plans, forms, pictures, etc. This is important in chemical and explosion/mass casualty as well as natural disaster incidents.

HC Standard training is in the first phase of implementation and is currently being rolled out to hospitals statewide. The second phase of implementation will begin in the fall of 2008 and will be established per county and role within each community. Candidates for the next training are emergency managers and ESF-8 lead agencies and will be notified via e-mail to register for the training. If you have any questions about the system or if you are a hospital staff member and are interested in training, please contact Natalie Riggins.

EM Systems
EM Systems is the level one sub-capability bed tracking system, which has been accomplished and will have a continuation and maintenance focus for this grant cycle. Colorado’s bed tracking system is currently known as EM System. It is a real-time communication and patient transport system that enhances preparedness and response to medical emergencies, mass casualty events, and public health incidents. This system can provide the acute care hospital emergency department bed status,
incident patient tracking, mass casualty incident support, hospital inpatient bed tracking, and event alerting notifications with updates. Users on this system are restricted to agencies involved in day to day patient transport i.e., hospitals, emergency managers, air life medical resources, and dispatch centers. For additional questions about EM System please contact Natalie Riggins.


Please contact us if you have any further questions