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Deputy Program Manager

Greg StasinosGreg Stasinos

Greg Stasinos is the Deputy Hospital Preparedness Program Grant Manager within the Emergency Preparedness and Response Division at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


As the program Deputy Grant Manager, Greg assists the hospitals and health care systems of Colorado to prepare for and respond to bioterrorism and other public health emergencies. Current program priority areas include interoperable communication systems, bed tracking, personnel management, fatality management planning and hospital evacuation planning.

Greg also manages specific grant monies and contracts between the department and private contractors in an effort to accomplish the previously listed priority areas.


Greg also serves as the department's Tactical Communications Coordinator. He communicates and collaborates with fellow emergency responders to ensure the department maintains full integration of hospitals, healthcare entities and emergency response networks with all interoperable communication systems such as the statewide 800Mhz digital trunked radio system.


Finally, Greg Stasinos is also the Department Operations Center Manager for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. He oversees the scheduling, operations and maintenance of the facility to ensure the complex performs at a peak performance on daily basis and especially during the times it is utilized for emergency response activities.      


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