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Disaster Behavioral Health Training

The Disaster Behavioral Health Services has created a library of disaster behavioral health trainings, designed to bring the appropriate knowledge and skill set to those individuals who will be involved in any community behavioral health disaster response. In total, six curriculums have been developed: Field Response (designed to train the behavioral health responder in basic incident command, self care, and intervention); Intro to the Treatment of Trauma (building foundational clinical knowledge for community mental health center personnel); Psychological First Aid (current state of the art disaster behavioral health intervention); Workforce Resilience (helping emergency management, public health and public behavioral health build individual and team resilience: also in On-Line learning format); Introduction to CoCERN; Resource Management (educating CoCERN Partners’ leadership in the logistical response processes of the partnership); and Behavioral Health Consequences of Disaster (overview training for non behavioral health personnel). During FY 09-10 over 1800 individuals were trained in Colorado with over 4000 individuals trained since 2005.



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