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Training and Education

The 2009–10 Colorado Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Course Catalog contains a list of emergency preparedness and response courses offered or recommended by Colorado state and local public health agencies. Course requirements are divided into specific programs. Your role as a public health employee or public health partner will determine the program, or list of courses, that you should take. This catalog also lists course descriptions, objectives, core competencies, and registration information.


Current offerings can be found on CO.TRAIN, Colorado’s public health Learning Management System (www.co.train.org).


CO.TRAIN is the fastest and easiest way to access quality public health learning opportunities in our state and nationwide. 


Approximately 3000 Colorado users are already using this system to register for, participate in, and track their personal learning. If you haven't done so already, Create an Account today.



Specialized Training By Audience:


General Public



EMT/Clinical/Medical Staff



Emergency Management Staff



Please contact us if you have any further questions