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Regional Preparedness Staff

Colorado embraces an "All-Hazards" planning approach to emergency management. To enhance planning and coordination efforts, Colorado is divided into nine All-Hazards Regions.

Various agencies, including Homeland Security, emergency management, and public health, work within these regional boundaries to facilitate local prioritization, teamwork and collaboration among neighboring counties and tribal governments. This approach fosters resource sharing and builds sustainable capabilities and early consensus among stakeholders.

All nine regions of the state are provided with regional public health emergency preparedness and response staff, which includes at least one regional planner, regional epidemiologist and regional training coordinator to assist in the planning and coordination of public health preparedness activities. All regional staff positions are housed at, and employed by, local public health agencies throughout the state.

Regional staff provide support to local health departments and nursing services as well as to regional and local emergency preparedness partners. Their efforts ensure that public health response is integrated into county and regional emergency response planning efforts.




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