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Health Alert Network (HAN)


Colorado Health Alert Network

What is the Colorado Health Alert Network?

The Colorado Health Alert Network is a statewide, integrated information and communication system intended for the distribution of health alerts; dissemination of prevention guidelines, for example guidelines to contain the spread of illness; and communication with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) all-hazards preparedness and response program. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Health Alert Network (HAN) communications are most frequently distributed to infection control practitioners, disease physicians, emergency departments, local public health agencies, laboratories, coroners, and key state stakeholders.


The purpose of the Health Alert Network (HAN) is to:

  • Ensure effective communication connectivity among local and state public health departments, healthcare organizations, local governments and emergency management personnel statewide and other key partners involved in public health response through Internet connectivity, email notifications, and other forms of communications.
  • Ensure methods of emergency communications are fully redundant with email (faxes, two-way radios, cell phones, pagers, wireless devices).
  • Ensure ongoing protection of critical data and information systems.
  • Ensure electronic exchange of information in standard formats.


HAN Communications and Classification Levels:
HAN communications, also called public health alerts, can be received multiple ways. These include voice (work, cell, and home phone), fax, e-mail, and pager. The method of communication will depend on the agency sending the HAN, and the urgency of the event taking place.

There are several HAN classification levels as defined by the CDC, which will be used by Colorado HAN to classify the messages. Each HAN classification level is clearly stated at the beginning of each communication. This is to aid in quick identification and differentiation of HAN messages from other types of communications.

These categories are listed below:

  • HAN Alert - conveys the highest level of importance warrants immediate action.
  • HAN Advisory - provides important information for a specific incident, may not require immediate action.
  • HAN Update - provides updated information regarding an incident or situation, unlikely to require immediate action.
  • HAN Information – For your information, does not require action.
  • HAN Test/Exercise/Drill – used during system tests.


Information flows from one level to the next as illustrated below:


HAN Process Flow Diagram


HAN communications can be initiated by authorized personnel at Federal, State, or local public health level.


More Information: Any questions, or to be added to the Colorado Health Alert Network, please email the Colorado Health Alert Network program at cdphe.cohan@gmail.com.








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