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Pollution Prevention Program Library

Pollution Prevention Program Library
Toolkits, fact sheets, and related documents are available to interested individuals and organizations to help address pollution prevention issues. Library resources are listed by topic for your information and reference.



 Small Business Assistance Program – Guidance documents   
  Integration of pollution prevention into core business activities pdf file    
  Tools for identifying cost-saving pollution prevention and materials efficiency opportunities pdf file    
  Key elements of a successful pollution prevention program pdf file   


Auto Repair and Body Shops

 Auto body repair (fact sheet)  
  Auto repair shops: aqueous parts washers (fact sheet) pdf file    
  Auto body and auto repair shops (Pollution Prevention checklist) pdf file    
  Auto body and auto repair shops (regulation review) pdf file     
  HVLP Paint Guns (fact sheet) pdf file    
  Paint Gun Cleaning (fact sheet) pdf file     
 Solvent Cleaning Alternatives (fact sheet)    


Chemical and Allied Products Sector

  Chemical and allied products sector (bulletin) pdf file    


Dry Cleaning

  Pressing Concerns: A complete guidebook to environmental compliance for Colorado dry cleaners pdf file   
  Dry cleaners Pollution Prevention checklist pdf file   
  Dry cleaning (fact sheet) pdf file   
  Dry Cleaning Environmental Regulations pdf file   


Golf Courses

  Greening Your Golf Course: A pollution prevention guide for Colorado golf courses pdf file  


Environmental Conditions and Directions Study

  Environmental Conditions and Directions Study pdf file    


Machining Operations

  Developing a coolant maintenance program for machining operations (fact sheet) pdf file    


Metal Finishing

  Metal Plating - Electroplating (bulletin) pdf file    
  Metal finishing and electroplating shops (Pollution Prevention checklist) pdf file    
 Electroplating/metal finishing (fact sheet)     
  Metal products manufacturers (regulation review) pdf file    


Printing - Lithographic

  Printing, Publishing, and Allied Industry sectors (bulletin) pdf file    
  Print Shops (Pollution Prevention checklist pdf file    
  Printers (regulation review) pdf file    
  Reducing alcohol in fountain solutions (fact sheet) pdf file    


Surface Coating

  Surface coating (bulletin) pdf file    
  Air Quality Requirement for Surface Coating pdf file    


Wood Furniture

  Wood products and furniture and fixtures sectors (bulletin) pdf file    
  Wood products/furniture manufacturers (Pollution Prevention checklist) pdf file    
  Wood Products - Air Quality Requirement Guidelines pdf file   


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