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Colorado Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement



Fiscal Year 2014 Colorado Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement pdf file  


The development of a cooperative environmental program work plan between the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment  and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 8 has been a long-standing process in Colorado. Over time, the document has evolved into a comprehensive environmental management tool for environmental program managers and staff in both agencies. The organization of the Performance Partnership Agreement is shown in the table of contents from the current document and reflects the work plans for the coming federal grant period by all the Department's environmental programs. The purpose of  documenting this department's environmental program priorities and activities, funded in part by Performance Partnership Grant funds, is described briefly below.




Colorado is responsible through its statutory and regulatory authority to determine the state management structure for the program. In addition, the state adopts its standards through the Colorado Administrative Procedures Act and requirements of implementing statutes. This is done through the various state commissions or boards: the Air Quality Control Commission, Water Quality Control Commission, Hazardous Waste Commission, and Colorado Board of Health. This department also received advice on sustainability, pollution prevention and leadership from the Governor-appointed Pollution Prevention Advisory Board.




The state also may participate in research and development efforts relevant to its environmental programs.




Due to the maturity of many of the programs described in this Performance Partnership Agreement., the state sometimes provides programmatic and technical assistance to the EPA. This is often done through agreements under which the state undertakes lead responsibility for particular projects or activities for which the EPA is primarily responsible.




The department commits state financial resources to nearly all of the programs and activities described in this Colorado Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement.




The department may also undertake particular projects or initiatives that are a high priority for the state. The department works with the EPA and others to implement those projects or initiatives.




For most of the programs and activities described in this Colorado Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement, CDPHE directly implements the program or activity. The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment will undertake the work when a program is not authorized by federal law. As the department and EPA develop their priorities, CDPHE may identify priority work that the EPA cannot or will not undertake. The department may then choose to do this work. Local health departments also directly implement a number of programs and activities and some reference is made to these in this Colorado Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement..




The State of Colorado has sufficient authority under state statute to perform essential compliance assurance and enforcement functions in order to ensure the protection of public health and the environment and to assure that polluters do not gain a competitive advantage over those entities that must meet state regulatory requirements.


Past Years' Colorado Environmental Performance Partnership Agreements


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FY 2011-2012 Colorado Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement




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