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RREO - Vision Plan

“Charting a New Course in Solid Waste Management for Colorado”


This project was funded by the Advanced Technology Grant Program to host a series of meetings to allow stakeholders from across the State of Colorado to provide input on the future direction and focus of the RREO Grant Program. The report provides a summary of the quantitative and qualitative results from solid waste “visioning” meetings that gathered input from nearly 150 stakeholders. By design, these stakeholders reached across business types, attitudes, and regions. This project sought to achieve two main goals:

  • Identify a “vision” of solid waste management – not just recycling – for sustainable solid waste management in Colorado, reflecting local / regional conditions.
  • Derive a manageable set of actionable recommendations to guide awards from the State-wide grants program in the direction of these sustainable “visions” for the State.


It became evident early-on in the process that stakeholders were keen to share their views related to all facets of waste diversion in Colorado, in addition to the RREO Grant Program. Those views expressed during the meetings, and outlined in this report, have not been approved nor dismissed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and in no way suggest an endorsement of future policies on behalf of the State.




Please direct questions to 303-691-4955 or cdphe.ppp2@state.co.us