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RREO Grants Projects for Fiscal Year 2012

Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Fund Grants Program – Final Reports (FY2009)


The Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Act created a recycling grant program (RREO Grant Program) that is intended to fund implementation projects that promote economic development through the productive management of recyclable materials that would otherwise be treated as discards. Projects that meet this goal may be designed to implement source reduction, recycling, beneficial use/re-use, anaerobic digestion, or composting, for a wide variety of materials.

Part of the requirements of the grants is to provide a final report (and other supporting documentation if available) to share the successes and/or unanticipated outcomes or roadblocks of the project. The information is intended to give an overview of the project. If you would like further details, the grantees’ contact information is provided.
Completed Grants & Final Reports-


National Recycling

Title: City of Greeley Community Recycling Drop Off Center

Contact Information
Primary Contact: John Newman
E-mail Address: john@nat-recycling.com
Phone Number: 970-353-2571
Web Page: www.nat-recycling.com

· National Recycling pdf file  


City & County of Denver

Title: Increasing Residential & Commercial Organics Waste Diversion in the City & County of Denver

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Charlotte Pitt
E-mail Address: Charlotte.Pitt@denvergov.org
Phone Number: 720-865-6816
Web Page: www.denvergov.org/recoth/CompostingCollectionPilotProgram/tabid/431111/Default.aspx

· City & County of Denver pdf file  


Waste Management

Title: Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site Diversion Center (DADSDC)

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Jason Chan
E-mail Address: Jchan2@wm.com
Phone Number: 720-876-2633
Web Page: www.WMColorado.com

· Waste Management pdf file  


Veltrie Disposal Services

Title: Wet Mountain Valley Partners in Recycling

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Christina Veltrie
E-mail Address: veltrieds@centurytel.net
Phone Number: 719-783-3456
Web Page: www.vdstrash.com

· Veltrie Disposal Services pdf file  



Title: Purchase of a Densifier for EPS Block Foam Recycling

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Dan Matsch
E-mail Address: dan@ecocycle.com
Phone Number: 303-444-6634
Web Page: www.ecocycle.org

· Eco-Cycle pdf file  


Fruita Monument High School

Title: FMHS Recycling Club Pilot Recycling Program

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Patti Clark
E-mail Address: patclark@mesa.k12.co.us
Phone Number: 970-254-6600

· Fruita Monument High School pdf file  


Alpine Waste & Recycling

Title: Waste Diversion Capacity and Competitiveness Project

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Brent Hildebrand
E-mail Address: bhildebrand@alpinewaste.com
Phone Number: 303-744-9881
Web Page: www.alpinewaste.com

· Alpine Waste & Recycling pdf file  


Greater Delores Action

Title: Four Corners Recycling Initiative

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Ashton Hargrave
E-mail Address: ahargrave@fs.fed.us
Phone Number: 970-882-4780
Web Page: www.4cornersrecycles.org

· Greater Delores Action pdf file    


Elbert County

Title: Elbert County Recycling and Greenwaste Project

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Mary Sue Liss
E-mail Address: envirhealth@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 303-621-3145
Web Page: www.elbertcounty-co.gov

· Elbert County pdf file   


City of Greeley

Title: Greeley Green-Cycle Center

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Karen Scopel
E-mail Address: karen.scopel@greeleygov.com
Phone Number: 970-350-9783
Web Page: www.greeleygov.com

· City of Greeley pdf file   


Phillips County

Title: Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Contact Information
Primary Contacts: Matt Meusborn / Bill Andrews
E-mail Address: pclandfill@pctelcom.coop
Phone Number: 970-854-2166

· Phillips County pdf file   


New Community Coalition

Title: Telluride Regional Resource & Recovery Center

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Kris Holstrom
E-mail Address: coordinator.tncc@gmail.com
Phone Number: 970-728-1340
Web Page: www.newcommunitycoalition.org

· New Community Coalition pdf file   


Mesa County Health Department

Project Title: Mesa County Emergency Operations Plan: Debris Recycling and Recovery Annex

Contact Information:
Primary Contact: Greg Rajnowski
E-mail Address: Greg.Rajnowski@mesacounty.us
Phone number: 970-248-6929

    Mesa County Health Department pdf file     
    Debris Recycling and Recovery pdf file    


Northeast All Hazards

Project Title: Northeast All Hazard Debris Management Plan

Contact Information:
Primary Contact: Julie McCaleb
E-mail Address: juliem@nchd.org
Phone number: 970-345-6562 ext. 23

    Northeast All Hazards pdf file    
    Northeast Colorado Regional Debris Management Plan pdf file   (large file: 2.57 MB)  
    Debris Management 101 PowerPoint Presentation   
    Northeast All Hazards brochure list     




Please direct questions to 303-691-4955 or cdphe.ppp2@state.co.us