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Pollution Prevention Grant Program



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The Colorado Pollution Prevention Act of 1992 created a Pollution Prevention Grant Program designed to fund P2 activities and programs. The Pollution Prevention Grant fund is generated by fees collected from facilities required to report under EPCRA or SARA Title III and is administered by the Colorado Pollution Prevention Advisory Board. One of the board’s FY 2013 goals is to encourage Colorado state agencies to take action towards meeting Executive Orders D011 07 and D012 07 which set goals for the Greening of State Government.


This year, the board has determined to continue to encourage action through a matching fund grant program open to all state agencies (including higher education) and will result in a reduction in water use by state agencies. See the 2014 Pollution Prevention Grants pdf file for more details. 


Time Line for Greening Government Fiscal 2014 Grants
July 25, 2013 Release of RFA
August 15, 2013 Deadline for Submitted RFA Questions
August 30 at 2:00pm Application Due Date
October 1 -- October 15, 2013 Notice of Grant Award and Issuacne of Contracts and Purchase Orders
October 15, 2013 Effective Start Date for Awardees
June 30, 2014 Deadline for Completion


FY2014 RFA



FY 2013 Grant Recipients:

  1. Colorado Department of Corrections, Low Flow Valve and Fixture Project - $18,894

  2. University of Colorado, Denver – Anschutz Medical Campus, Campus Irrigation Water Efficiency Pilot - $20,000

  3. Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Plumbing Fixture Replacement Project - $12,029

  4. Auraria Higher Education Center, Smart Irrigation for a Smart Campus - $15,077


FY 2012 Grant Recipients:

  1. University of Colorado, Boulder – $20,000

    Summary: The CU Boulder Office of Sustainability have shown that large energy savings can be achieved in lab buildings by working on the building ventilation and infrastructure. However, there are also significant energy savings to be had by working with lab members and the equipment they possess. This report on a lab audit pilot in the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Department demonstrates that point. CU Boulder acieved the equivalent of 120 kWh/day savings by working with only 4 labs on energy conservation projects.

Final Report:    CU Green Laboratory Audits and Conservation Program Final Report pdf file    

  1. Office of Information Technology – $20,000

Summary: This project involved making changes the central payroll system to not print the employee pay advice and upgrading the Employee Self Service to a vendor version that was capable of keeping data secure but outside of the State of Colorado’s firewall.  This project resulted in savings of approximately $60,000/yr and a reduction in paper use of 960 reams (480,000 sheets) per year.

Final Report:   OIT - Elimination of Pay Advices Final Report pdf file    


For more information, please call Rachel Wilson-Roussel at 303-692-2976 or email cdphe.ppp2@state.co.us


Call 303-692-2976 or email cdphe.ppp2@state.co.us