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Green Government Transportation

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Click on thumbnail image below to see full-sized chart of the department’s petroleum fuel consumption over the last 5 years.


CDPHE Fuel Use Chart (thumbnail)

CDPHE has taken the following actions to decrease its petroleum fuel use by 18% since 2005:


  • Downsized fleet vehicles by replacing SUV’s with smaller, more efficient vehicles;
  • When replacing fleet vehicles each year, 75% (or more) of purchased vehicles are hybrid electric; and
  • Added two Compressed Natural Gas vehicles to the department’s fleet.






  • Offers reserved parking spaces for carpools, van pools and high efficiency vehicles (greater than 45 mpg);
  • Implemented a telecommuting and flex-time program which allow employees to reduce the number of commuting days.




  • Take public transit 1 or more days per week;
  • Carpool or vanpool to school or work. To find a ride match in the Denver Metro Area, see the Ride Arrangers website;
  • Bike or walk to work;
  • Telecommute to work one day per week. For information on the benefits of “Telework”, see the Ride Arrangers telework website;
  • Drive the most fuel efficient vehicle that meets your needs. To compare the fuel economy of multiple vehicles, visit www.fueleconomy.gov .


If you have any questions, please email us at cdphe.ppp2@state.co.us

Call 303-692-2979 or email cdphe.ppp2@state.co.us


 Please contact us if you have any further questions