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Electronic Reporting Using Tier2Submit Software - Now Required!

Colorado now requires electronic Tier2Submit files sent via email, CD, or diskette for Reporting Year 2013 (due March 1, 2014). Only files using the EPA Tier2Submit software or the exact Tier2Submit file format can be accepted. If we cannot easily process your submittal, we will ask you to correct and re-send it.



If a facility owner/operator is unable to comply with the electronic reporting requirement due to inadequate Internet connection and/or computer capability, alternate means of reporting (including paper) is allowed. Such alternate reporting must be accompanied by this certification: “Due to inadequate Internet connection and/or computer capability, this facility is unable to comply with the Tier II electronic reporting requirement. So an alternative means of reporting is being used.” Like the Tier II submittal, this certification must be signed by the owner/operator or their officially designated representative.



1.) Download Tier2Submit 2013 from http://www.epa.gov/emergencies/content/epcra/tier2.htm


2.) Enter your information into Tier2Submit. Range codes have been revised, so please ensure yours are accurate! When all the data has been entered, follow the instructions for “File/Create Submission"


3.) Please make sure your Tier2Submit electronic file has passed the Validation Check before sending it to us. Failure to pass this check indicates a problem with the file that needs to be corrected before submittal. Validation issues can make the file difficult or even impossible to use for emergency planning purposes. If you have questions about validation issues, please contact us.


4.) Save the file as a .t2s or .zip file with your company name in the file name. If creating a .zip file, do NOT use a zip file to add other file types to the .t2s file for submission (i.e. no Word, Excel, Adobe file types). These files must be sent as a separate attachment (but can be sent in the same email).


5.) For RY2013, if your company has a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) number, it is required under the “ID and Regs” tab. If you have this number, someone in your Accounting Department will know it. If you don’t have one, put “NA” in the “ID” Field for the Dun & Bradstreet “ID Type”.


Your submission may be returned if:


  • You do not enter the full name of your company FIRST in the "Facility Name" field. If you are putting other information in the "Facility Name" field, such as names or descriptions of individual facilities, put the Company Name first, and then the other names. If you wish to differentiate different facility names, use the "Department" field. If we cannot determine which company filed the report, it will be deleted, and one of the contacts listed will be called and asked to re-submit, or file on paper. DO NOT USE ONLY INITIALS OF THE COMPANY NAME.


  • You do not have a proper mailing address. Use the Mailing Address field directly below the Street Address field when submitting multiple facilities. If you do NOT have a proper mailing address for all of your facilities, your submission will be returned. This mailing address will be used for billing purposes only.


  • You attempt to add more than one company per file. Only one company is allowed per file/email.



Sending Your Submission:



Call 303-692-2186 or email cdphe.ppsaratitle3@state.co.us


 Please contact us if you have any further questions