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Dairy Cow

The Milk and Dairy Program protects the public health of Colorado’s countless residents and visitors from the spread of food borne illnesses caused by pathogens found in milk and dairy products. Products that are subject to program regulations include fluid milk, butter, cottage cheese, cream, hard cheese, soft cheese, ice cream, sherbet and yogurt. These products may be manufactured from either cows’, goats’ or sheep’s milk, and may be produced by either dairy product manufacturers or dairy farms.The Milk and Dairy Program is responsible for inspecting, regulating and sampling all of these articles, as well as for enforcing any production and transportation rules set forth by State statute. Since local governments

in Colorado do not currently participate in the Milk and Dairy Program, the staff of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Division of Environmental Health and Sustainability presently collect all samples, inspect all facilities, respond to all complaints, review all labels, and when necessary, follow through with all enforcement actions. Through the administration of all applicable regulations, the delivery of technical assistance and industry training, and the ongoing evaluation of hauling and manufacturing processes, the Milk and Dairy Program continues to provide safe and wholesome milk products for immediate consumption and for further distribution across the country and worldwide.


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