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Supplemental Environmental Project Coordination



Supplemental  Environmental Program Heading

When a regulated entity is found to be in violation of environmental regulations, the environmental divisions within the Department of Public Health and Environment may assess a monetary penalty or fine. The department may allow an entity to mitigate a portion of the penalty if the facility agrees to implement a Supplemental Environmental Project ("SEP"). 



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2014 Community SEP Process


In January 2014, the department invited nonprofit organizations and governmental entities to submit SEP applications that will benefit communities and neighborhoods in Denver and Adams Counties. To learn more, visit our Community SEP Process web page.


Supplemental Environmental Projects include:


  • A voluntary project that benefits public health and/or the environment beyond any steps taken to correct the violation and beyond what is already required by law or regulation.

  • A project that would not have been implemented but for inclusion in the settlement agreement.

  • A project typically implemented in the region where the violation occurred.


Please note:


  • While SEP's are voluntary, if both the department and the respondent agree to a project, it will be put into a Compliance Order on Consent with enforceable terms and conditions.

  • The department-wide SEP Policy sets forth pollution prevention and energy efficiency projects as the Supplemental Environmental Projects of choice for settlements in Colorado.


For SEP questions, please contact:
Rachel Wilson-Roussel
SEP Coordinator
(303) 692-2976