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Training and Technical Assistance

The CIIS General User, School User, Inventory Module, Inventory Reconciliation, and Vaccine Ordering Module Trainings are now available via self-paced, computer-based modules through CoTrain.  These training courses can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In addition, you can re-take and refer to the online training materials as many times as you would like. To access and register for an online course follow the steps below, or click on the appropriate cheat sheet below for step-by-step instructions with screen shots:


STEP 1: Go to the following website: www.co.train.org


STEP 2: Click the "Create Account" button to create a user account for the CoTrain website.


STEP 3: Login to CoTrain.


RECOMMENDED: Prior to starting an online course, click the "Help" link at the top of the screen.

Click the "System Requirements" in the menu to view system requirements.

Click the "Test Your Environment" link in the menu to test your computer system/environment.

Click the "Run Test" button on the Test Your Environment screen to activate a system check.  Any errors should be checked by the user's IT before beginning the course.


STEP 4: Type "CIIS" in the "Keyword or Course ID" search box located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Note: You will see a list of all CIIS online courses. Select the one you are interested in by clicking on the corresponding link.  


STEP 5: Click on the "Registration" tab and then click the "Launch" button.


NOTE: All School Users need to take the School User Training, NOT the General User Training.  The General User Training is geared toward healthcare providers who administer immunizations.  CIIS School Users are any users associated with a school, childcare center, Head Start facility or other educational organization.


How to Find and Resume a Course on CO.TRAIN pdf file


STEP 1: Go to www.co.train.org and login.


STEP 2: Click the "My Learning" button located under the "My Action Items" section on the right-hand side of your screen.


STEP 3: Click on the course title and you will be taken to the course details.


STEP 4: Click on the "Registration" tab, and then click the "Launch" button. 


How to Print your Course Certificate in CO.TRAIN pdf file


STEP 1: Go to www.co.train.org and login.


STEP 2: Click the "My Certificates" link located under the "My Action Items" section on the right-hand side of your screen.


STEP 3: Select the appropriate course certificate by clicking on the printer icon to the right of the course tite.  This will open the certificate in a PDF document. You can then choose to save and/or print it.


NOTE: There is a link at the end of the course that will navigate you to the Certificate of Completion.


If you have any questions, please contact CIIS User Support at (303) 692-2437 or 1 (888) 611-9918.  You can also email us at cdphe.ciis@state.co.us.


Do you feel like you need more in-depth training on CIIS and a visual guide to which you can reference while learning the new system?  Have you participated in a live webinar and/or computer-based training module but just need a little refresher


No matter what your training needs may be, we have the resources for you:





How Do I Document Historical Immunizations in CIIS? 


How Do I Add and Administer a Vaccine in CIIS? 



How Do I Create a CIIS Shortcut on My Desktop?


How Do I Request a CIIS User Account Online? 


How Do I Print Immunization Records from CIIS? 


How Do I Reset My Password When I Have Forgotten It?


How Do I Look-Up or Change My Password Questions in CIIS? 


How Do I Mark a Patient as a Duplicate in CIIS? 


How Do I Run a Dosage Report in CIIS? 


Immunization Rates (County/Zip Code Level) Report Tutorial - for LPHAs 


Vaccines Added but Not Administered Report Tutorial 


VFC Benchmarking Report Tutorial


IZ Quick Add Tutorial


How to Record Vaccine Exemptions in CIIS Tutorial


How to Create an Account and Login to CO.TRAIN 


How to Find and Resume a Course You Have Already Started in CO.TRAIN 


How to Print Your Course Certificate in CO.TRAIN



In addition to its online computer-based training modules, CIIS also offers live training webinars on an ongoing basis.




To register for a live webinar, visit http://cohealth.webex.com and follow the instructions below:


  • When you open the above website link, you will see a Cisco WebEx Live Sessions page with a list of training sessions from which to choose.  NOTE: You may be prompted to select your time zone prior to seeing this screen.  To verify your time zone, click "Preferences" located under the Set Up tab on the left-hand menu.  Click the Time Zone drop down menu, and select Denver Mountain Daylight Time.
  • Click the gray "Upcoming" tab to view all upcoming sessions.  Look for the session topic (e.g., "CIIS General User Training," "CIIS Inventory Module Training," etc.).
  • Locate the session date and time you wish to attend, and click the "Register" link to the right of the session.  This link will take you to the registration form for that session.  Complete and submit the registration form.
  • Once you have submitted your registration form, you will receive an automated confirmation email from messenger@webex.com.  We recommend that you add this email address to your "safe" senders list to ensure that it is not blocked by your email system.  KEEP this confirmation email as it contains the link and information you will need to join the session, including conference line information.  We strongly recommend that you click the link in the email prior to the training session to ensure you are able to access the website.
  • If the session you wish to attend is full, you will be given an option to sign up on a waitlist.  If someone cancels, then you will receive an automated confirmation email from messenger@webex.com stating that you are now registered for that session.  A maximum of 125 participant slots are available for each webinar.


There are minimum technical requirements for the Colorado Immunization Information System. There are also recommended technical specifications which are necessary for the CIIS web application to run at optimal efficiency and ensure the highest level of security for the system.



All sites must have Internet access in order to access and participate in CIIS. Frequently, new CIIS Users experience difficulty in accessing the Colorado Immunization Information System because they do not have the correct Internet settings configured on their computer.



For immediate technical assistance, please contact the CIIS Help Desk at 303-692-2437 or toll-free at 1-888-611-9918.