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The STI/HIV Surveillance Program conducts surveillance and research to characterize and track STI/HIV infections in Colorado. There are three units within this program:

1.     The STI/HIV Core Surveillance Unit 
·         Ensures compliance and completeness with STI/HIV reporting
·         Provides blood borne pathogen information to first responders, health care workers, law enforcement and corrections personnel
·         Develops annual Colorado STI/HIV epidemiological profiles. These reports are used to inform and guide the state STI/HIV programs, and are disseminated to care providers, local health departments, community planning groups, researchers and the public
2.     The STI/HIV Registry Unit 
·         Collects, compiles and disseminates information on gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, and HIV infection
·         Contacts health care providers to ensure that clients receive adequate treatment
·         Identifies disease outbreaks and coordinates the response by CDPHE, collaborating agencies, and health care providers
3.      The HIV Incidence and Resistance Unit
·         Works with HIV clinics and laboratories to identify newly diagnosed HIV patients, obtain samples for incidence testing, and genetic results for resistance analyses 
·         Summarizes data to publish HIV incidence and resistance estimates, which are indicators for HIV prevention and treatment goals 
Report Forms: 


 CONFIDENTIAL REPORT OF HIV (click to open or download PDF)


Recent HIV Reports:

HIV Incidence Surveillance Report, 2006 - 2009

HIV Transmitted Drug Resistance Report, 2006 - 2010



Navigation tabs on the left side of the screen can be clicked for: 

  • Quarterly HIV surveillance reports
  • Annual profiles of sexually transmitted infections
  • Five year county trends for STI/HIV in Colorado


Below you will find HIV epidemiology profiles for Colorado:

HIV Epi Profile 2011 pdf file HIV Epi Profile 2010 pdf file HIV/AIDS Epidemiological Profile 2009 pdf file HIV/AIDS Epidemiological Profile 2006 pdf file HIV/AIDS Epidemiological Profile 2004 pdf file