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CIIS Users

Healthcare Providers

Benefits of CIIS

The Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) provides the following benefits to providers:

  • Consolidates all immunizations into one easily accessible yet secure record for each individual
  • Allows healthcare providers to track vaccine doses and perform monthly reconciliations.
  • Allows providers to look up and enter immunization data quickly and easily during large flu clinics and mass immunization events.
  • Provides decision support by displaying the vaccines recommended under current guidelines based on the individual’s age and immunizations already received
  • Provides a specialized school application for school nurses and staff
  • Enhanced Immunization "Quick Add" Module
  • Provides an accurate, official copy of a child’s immunization history for personal, school, child care or camp entry requirements
  • Enables providers to easily screen for immunizations at each visit
  • Enables providers to notify parents if a child has missed an immunization
  • Facilitates the introduction of new vaccines or changes in the recommended vaccine schedule
  • Identifies an individual’s previously reported contraindications and allergies
  • Web-enabled database for manual data entry and 24/7 access
  • Enables providers to generate recall notices for individuals who have missed an immunization
  • Allows state and local public health officials to make assessments of populations that are un- or under-immunized in order to implement geographically targeted interventions


How to Join CIIS

Provider implementation of CIIS includes the following steps:

For more information on how you can join CIIS, please contact the CIIS Helpdesk at 303-692-2437 or via email.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 20 percent of the children in the U.S. have seen more than one provider by two years of age. Accurately assessing immunization needs is difficult when records are scattered and the available immunization history is incomplete. In addition to missing opportunities for immunization, one in five U.S. children receives at least one unnecessary dose of vaccine by two years of age, wasting an astounding $26.5 million in vaccine costs each year.


The Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) is an important part of a larger strategy designed to support immunization of Colorado residents, ensure the prevention of vaccine-preventable disease, and reduce health care costs to individuals and the State.


Why should your practice participate in CIIS?


To provide quality patient care:

  • Displays recommended immunizations at each visit based on current ACIP standards and the patient’s known immunization history

  • Allows for capture of immunizations recommended for travel

  • Highlights previously reported reactions, allergies, precautions and contraindications

  • Provides a way to identify and remind patients that are coming due for immunizations as well as recall individuals who are overdue for immunizations

  • Can easily identify patients for vaccine manufacturer recalls

  • Allows providers to review adult immunization recordsin order to recommend vaccines to expecting mothersand caregivers of newborns


To save time, CIIS allows you to:

  • View immunizations entered by other clinics for your new patients
  • Print official immunization forms for school, child care, camp and university entry requirements as well as personal immunization records without pulling charts
  • Track vaccine usage, manage inventory, and reconcile doses administered with your on-hand inventory
  • Record all data required by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
  • Complete required benchmarking reports if enrolled in the Vaccines for Children program through CDPHE


To ensure more complete immunization records, CIIS:

  • Combines the immunization record from multiple clinics into a single record for each individual
  • Allows immunization information supplied by individuals to be easily added to the record
  • Allows immunization information supplied by health plans and schools to augment data supplied by
    providers and individuals


To save money and reduce wastage, CIIS:

  • Provides documentation to malpractice insurers that offer discounts on premiums to providers participating in CIIS
  • Minimizes over-immunization and the costs associated with delivering an unnecessary vaccine
  • Identifies missed billing opportunities by comparing billing records with CIIS records
  • Tracks and manages inventory in CIIS to determine monthly usage of vaccines that can inform subsequent vaccine orders

As a healthcare provider participating in the Colorado Immunization Information System, you must provide notification of the right of a patient to opt-out of CIIS. You can choose to notify individuals in several ways:


  • Posting a CIIS Opt-Out Notification Poster in your lobby and/or exam rooms

  • Providing CIIS Frequently Asked Questions Sheets in your office

  • Posting a notice on your organization’s website

  • Writing about CIIS in your clinic’s newsletter

  • Mailing individual notices to your patients


If you choose to post the CIIS Opt-Out Notification Poster in your office, you must also have the CIIS FAQ sheets available for your patients:



CIIS Frequently Asked Questions Sheets


The poster by itself is not sufficient. You can order both the CIIS Opt-Out Notification Poster and the CIIS FAQ Sheet by downloading and completing the Immunization Order Materials Form. These notification materials are provided free of charge to you as a CIIS User.




CIIS simplifies record keeping for schools by:


  • Providing free, immediate, and secure access to student immunization records

  • Enabling schools to more efficiently manage workloads during peak school enrollment periods

  • Allowing school staff to check the accuracy of handwritten shot records and verify with electronic records in CIIS

  • Allowing school nurses to add immunization information to a student record in CIIS and/or create a new student record in CIIS to allow for a more complete and consolidated immunization record

  • Allowing school nurses to see which immunizations CIIS is forecasting for their students

  • Enabling schools to verify exemption status for students in order to facilitate exclusion from school in the event of a disease outbreak

  • Providing statewide access to a child’s immunization record as they move between school districts in Colorado


How to Join CIIS

School implementation of CIIS includes the following steps:

For more information on how your school can join CIIS, please contact Lorin Scott-Okerblom at 303-691-4073 or via email.


Effective July 1, 2011, school nurses now not only are able to look up student record in CIIS, they have the ability to enter immunization data as well as create a new patient in CIIS. With this enhanced functionality, school users and head start programs have the ability to run immunization reports for their respective facilities. Licensed child care centers will be offered read only access to CIIS. All users will be able to see which immunizations CIIS is forecasting for their students.


Please note that it is the responsibility of any school that participates in CIIS to ensure that it complies with any local, state or federal laws and statutes that govern its ability to provide data to CIIS.

Further, it is not the responsibility of CIIS to ensure that schools comply with these laws and statutes. The Immunization Registry Act of 2007 - CRS 25-4-2403 - allows for the collection of immunization information from schools. As CIIS operates under this state statute, we are permitted to receive immunization data from schools that are allowed to provide it to us.


In short, if a school participating in CIIS has determined of its own accord that it is indeed compliant with all applicable laws and statutes, then it will be allowed to enter data into CIIS.

CIIS policy requires that schools notify parents regarding the entry of immunization information into CIIS as parents legally have the right to exclude their child's information from the registry. Schools can display a CIIS Notification Poster in the school or utilize other communication methods to comply with this policy. We are in the process of developing a notification poster that schools can order free of charge from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Additionally, it is important for schools to ensure that they are following their own confidentiality requirements, and if providing information in the registration packets meets that requirement, this would suffice as well. If you have any questions about whether your educational facility is allowed to enter immunization data into CIIS, please contact your legal counsel directly.


NOTE: Per our legal department, CIIS is unable to provide a "template" for schools to use to collect parental consent to share student information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Colorado schools require that children receive certain immunizations (or provide proof of parental vaccine exemptions) in order to attend school. The Colorado Immunization Information System is giving access to nurses and other health professionals in Colorado public schools on a rolling basis.

Child Care Settings

Child Care Facilities
Keeping track of shot records has never been easier! By participating in the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) you can gain important information on immunizations for your child care facility.


CIIS is a confidential web application that collects information on immunizations for people of all ages. It allows child care providers to see consolidated immunization records for children enrolled at their facilities.

  • CIIS can simplify your record-keeping by:
  • Providing free and secure 24/7 access to immunization records online
  • Allowing you to check immunization records and vaccine exemptions
  • Allowing you to see if children are missing required immunizations or have incomplete immunization records


How to Join CIIS

All licensed child care facilities may request access to CIIS. Please complete the following steps to enroll:


Once all of the required documents are signed and returned to CIIS, you will receive:
  • A Username and password to access the CIIS web application
  • Information on how to configure your computer for maximum CIIS functionality
  • CIIS training materials  


For more information on how your facility can join CIIS, please contact CIIS School Coordinator Lorin Scott-Okerblom at 303-691-4073 or lorin.scott-okerblom@state.co.us.