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International Travel


PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot provide vaccination, medication, or information to individual travelers or recommend specific travel medicine providers. 


Are you planning to travel internationally for business or vacation? Did you know health risks for travelers are higher in developing countries and rural areas? Your risk of becoming ill while traveling depends in part on where you are traveling, the length of your stay, activities planned while traveling, your health, and your vaccine history. Determine which diseases are most prevalent in your destination of choice.


As most vaccines take time to become effective and may need to be given in a series over time, you should check with a health care provider familiar with travel medicine or make an appointment at a travel clinic at least 4-6 weeks before you travel. Not all health care providers or travel clinics offer all vaccines you may need, so be sure to ask what services are available before you make your appointment.


Only physicians authorized by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment can give the Yellow Fever vaccine. Click here to find an authorized Yellow Fever vaccine provider in Colorado, listed by geographical area. For more information, visit the CDC’s Yellow Fever vaccination page.   


If you are a physician interested in becoming a Yellow Fever vaccine provider, contact Cinda Caddy Ewing, RN, at 866-896-1586, or by email.  Please note:  the CDC recommends that all Yellow Fever vaccine providers complete the CDC’s online Yellow Fever vaccine course.




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