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Reporting a Disease

Which diseases and conditions must be reported?

Laboratories and health care providers must report cases of certain diseases, as listed on the charts below:


The CDPHE Communicable Disease Epidemiology Program requests clinical microbiology laboratories send certain culture isolates to the CDPHE Laboratory in addition to reporting positive results.  For more information on which isolates should be submitted for additional testing at CDPHE Laboratory, see:

How to report?

Cases may be reported to the state health department or your local public health agency.  There are several ways to report a case to the state health department:


1. Phone:  303-692-2700

2. Fax (303-782-0338) a disease report form.

3. Colorado Electronic Disease Reporting System (CEDRS)

Infection Preventionists and laboratories are encouraged to use CEDRS for case reporting.  Individual health care providers should report cases by phone or fax.  CEDRS applicants should submit the following to Pat Acquaro at  pat.acquaro@state.co.us:


Public health reporting mandated by law is not changed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Furthermore, HIPAA specifically provides for public health reporting without a patient's authorization or consent Public Health Reporting and HIPAA pdf file    


Regulations and Statutes Pertaining to Communicable Diseases and Other Reportable Conditions:



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