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Maps and Spatial Data


This website connects you to public health-related maps, spatial data, and GIS resources!
Multiple programs within CDPHE utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies to manage, visualize, and present data, statistics, analyses, and trends! 


Geodatabase published for public use containing feature classes representing December 2013 locations of Health Facilities regulated in the State of Colorado, EMS and Ambulance Agency Office Locations, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), RETAC boundaries, and Designated Trauma Centers.  FQHCs which were last updated in April 2013.
Polygon feature class containing select population, age, gender, race/ethnicity,education, housing, income/employment, poverty, and language isolation demographic indicators for all of the County and Census Tract geographies in Colorado. This data set was updated to reflect the 2008-2012 5-Year American Community Survey estimates and 2010 U.S. Census data. 
This geodatabase contains boundary feature classes commonly used in visualizing public health data and for utilization in GIS analysis or generating rates of health outcomes (CDPHE Health Statistics Regions, Census Tracts, City Boundaries, County Boundaries, State Legislative Boundaries, ZCTA Boundaries, etc.)
View maps of all Amendment 35 Grant programs across Colorado, Date Published: December 2013
View maps of average indoor radon concentrations, by county,  based on participating radon testing laboratories (2005-2009) for Colorado Environmental Public Health Tacking, Date Published: January 2014
View maps of average indoor radon concentrations above 4 pCi/L, by county, based on participating radon testing laboratories (2005-2009) for Colorado Environmental Public Health Tracking, Date Published: January 2014 
View maps of obese/overweight populations at the county geography and locations of prevention program funding/policy/infrastructure initiatives, Date Published: December 2013 
Locations of Breast, Cervical, and Colorectal Cancer community resources across Colorado and cancer burden by county, Date Published: January 2014
View, query, and interpret census tract maps of key socio-demographic and disability indicators related to specifically to emergency preparedness and planning, for all of Colorado. Date Published: March 2014
Regularly-updated map containing locations for all CDPHE-regulated health facilities, by type (Health Facilities Division) Date Published: December 2013
View, query, and interpret census tract maps of selected key socio-demographic indicators, for all of Colorado, Date Published: March 2014
Southeast Colorado All-Hazards Region (ESF-8) selected facility locations for emergency preparedness and planning purposes. Date Published: March 2014 
County level maps showing availability of physicians, social workers, psychologists, nurses, and dentists across Colorado, Date Published: August 2013
CDPHE publishes many of its maps through its ESRI ArcGIS website. This website gives you ability to view maps using our published data or map to our inventory of spatial data layers. These maps have been compiled based on subject and for specific needs both within the CDPHE and for external parties. The map subject areas are: Social Demographic Data, Environmental Data, Health Indicator Data, Health Infrastructure Data, Emergency Preparedness, and Programs and Funding.
There will be a handful of pdf hard-copy maps identified by subject published here (late March 2014)
Colorado Health GIS User Group (CHUG) is a group of practicing GIS professionals across Colorado. It is open to professionals, students and academic faculty interested in learning more about the application of GIS in Public Health.
If you have any questions about attending please contact Mark Egbert, GIS Coordinator, CDPHE or Deb Thomas, Dept. of Geography, UCD.

Visit our  blog Colorado Health Maps Blog to view additional GIS + Public Health + Cartography perspectives, mapping tools, techniques, and selected maps of interest. 
The Department of Local Affairs GIS Maps and Data website connects you to additional resouces for Colorado socio-demographic maps/data. 
Colorado Health and Environmental Data (CHED) -- being your search for CDPHE data here. 
Visit the Colorado Environmental Public Health Tracking website to view maps of select health outcomes and environmental quality datasets.

Questions about our GIS Data or Maps?


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