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Diesel Fleet Self-Certification

Instructions for Downloading the Self-Cert Program from the Web

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions assume that you are already familiar with your computer, your version of the Windows operating system, and your web browser. If you need any additional help with any of these, then please contact your system administrator.
It may help to print out this page so that other pop-up windows don't obscure these instructions.
If you have any questions about this process,
then please contact Raymond Elick at 303-744-2522 or
  1. Create a new "DFSCP" folder on your computer's C: drive,
    and download the following files to the "DFSCP" folder:

    DFSCP-FleetVehicleInventory-Application  (Program File, v14049)

    FleetVehicleInventory  (Text File)

    FleetVehicleInventory excel spreadsheet (Spreadsheet File)

  2. Create a new "OperatingFiles" folder inside your "DFSCP" folder,
    and download the following files to the "OperatingFiles" folder:




  3. Your "DFSCP" folder should now show the following:
    - An "Operating Files" folder,
    - A "DFSCPFleetVehicleInventory" application,
    - A "FleetVehicleInventory" text fie, and
    - A "FleetVehicleInventory" spreadsheet fie.


    Your "OperatingFiles" folder should now show the following:
    - A "FleetName" text file,
    - A "FleetNumber" text file, and
    - A "LastSubmissionYear" text file.


  4. You are now ready to run the application.
    Return to the previous page and continue with the 
    Instructions for entering fleet data.
If you have any questions about this process, please contact Raymond Elick at 303-744-2522 or raymond.elick@state.co.us.