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2013-14 Oil and Gas Rulemaking Effort


Revisions to regulations affecting the oil and gas industry were adopted by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission during its February hearing.


Information about the revised regulations can be viewed on the commission's website:

2013 Stakeholder Process

The revised regulations were adopted after a detailed stakeholder process conducted by the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division, and summarized below.


Materials from May 22 Stakeholder Meeting   


Materials from April 25 Stakeholder Meeting  



Materials from March 28 Stakeholder Meeting



Materials from February 28 Stakeholder Meeting

Hydrocarbon Emissions Videos from February 28 Stakeholder Meeting

Each of the four following videos show emissions of hydrocarbons from oil and gas facilities in Colorado. The Air Pollution Control Division is proposing to control these types of emissions through regulatory revisions described on this site. Each video contains two views of the subject. One view is how the subject appears to the naked eye. The other view is an infrared image using a Forward Look Infrared Camera (FLIR) in standard resolution.



Materials from January 28 Stakeholder Meeting


Internet Broadcasts of Stakeholder Meetings



Public Comments Received



Notice of Stakeholder Meetings