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Engines Off Idle Reduction


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Engines Off! Colorado is a vehicle idling reduction project designed to reduce exposures to toxic vehicle exhaust.


School bus drivers, parents, teachers, students and others are turning off their engines whenever parked or stopped for more than one minute. Many fleet drivers also practice this healthy habit.


Idling your engine for just one minute produces as much carbon monoxide as smoking three packs of cigarettes.


Idling engines produce thousands of tons of toxic pollution per year in Colorado. Limiting your vehicle’s idling time can dramatically reduce these pollutants and your exposure to them.


Drivers can formally pledge to reduce idling, or just resolve to do it. Turn off your engine as soon as you park, or if you will be waiting at a train or other stop for more than 60 seconds. On very cold days try to limit idling (with your heater on) to five minutes in an hour.


Ask delivery vehicle drivers to turn off their engines, too!


Emergency and handicap pickup vehicles may be excepted.


Protect your health and the health of your passengers and your community! Idling reduction will also save fuel and wear and tear on your engine.



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