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Annual Reporting

Draft annual reports collate the daily reports that have been sent in. The purpose of annual reports is to check the information in Air Pollution Control Division's database. Please take the time to do this. 


This set of drafts is current through mid-December.  In January it will be updated with activity through the end of 2012. 


You may need to look in each of three reports: no activity, broadcast with activity, and piles with activity. Within each report, information is in permit number order.  Because some of the files are large,  downloading first to your own computer may be needed. 


If the draft is correct, (1) send us email saying so or with any corrections attached. Please list the permit number(s) and/or names. OR (2) Print out the draft Form F and send it by email or fax. Substitute your name as the person reporting if the name on the draft is not yours. 


If the underlying data is in any way incorrect, contact us with the correction and ask us to send you an updated draft annual, or fill in Form F manually and note the corrections needed for specific days. In recent years we’ve discovered too many accomplishment reports we received that didn’t get in the database.