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Non-Standard Broadcast Permits

Standard permit conditions work well and are appropriate for most broadcast burns.  They don't fit all projects.  

  • Standard conditions may be too loose, too tight, or a bit of both. 
  • A project may be a good candidate for some ongoing experiments described in the guidance document listed below, like winter burning at lower elevations in metro Denver. 
  • Or it may not be reasonable to include wind direction constraints that protect nearby homes and communities, and a different approach is needed. 

Non-standard applications are for these projects and others.






We recommend that only people who have previously worked with Colorado smoke permits request a non-standard permit (except conditions tighter than standard).


Information about standard conditions broadcast permits is also relevant; only extra information for non-standard projects is listed on this page.


There is more description of non-standard permits and lots more guidance in the program manual.


If you are planning a project that may need non-standard conditions, it will probably help everyone involved if you contact us early in the process.


Will you share smoke documentation to help test and evolve standard permit conditions? Please contact us.