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Open Burn Overview

Which burns can use an open burn smoke permit? 


Smaller burns are eligible for open burn smoke permits.  Larger burns of wildland fuels need prescribed fire permits.


Smaller piles are:

< 50 piles in project AND out cold by sunset


Smaller broadcast burns are:

< 10 acres of grass or < 5 acres of any other fuel type


Compared to prescribed fire smoke permits, open burn smoke permit applications are simpler.  Fees for open burn smoke permits, if charged at all, are less. Conditions under which burning may occur are less constrained.



How can I get an open burn smoke permit? 


Look on the County Contacts List for the county where the burn will occur.  If the county's name is in bold, contact the county representative named on the list. 


If the county's name is not in bold, then the State Health Department issues open burn smoke permits in that county.  Read more and fill out the application available at the open burn website.