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Specific Colorado Prescribed Burns

Map of Proposed Burns - Caveats, Tips, and Fair Warnings 


  • Map of 2013 permits
  • The map is updated periodically. Some burns both receive a permit and are conducted between updates.
  • Burn dates are general. Specific timing depends on too many variables to predict far in advance. Permits are valid for any date in the remainder of the calendar year, provided weather and other criteria are met.
  • The map's geographic precision is about 0.5 - 5 miles. The larger the project, the more likely it extends well beyond the point shown. 



For more current but sometimes less complete information about proposed burns in Colorado, check: 


  • A Fire Emissions Tracking System for all western states is evolving and improving. Colorado still lacks on-line smoke permit reporting so we do not have real time data to upload.  Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico are among the states whose data is generally complete and current. 
  • Federal land managers' list of current prescribed fires. It covers Colorado and parts of some neighboring states. Agencies and individuals other than federal land managers also burn, so the list is not a complete view of permit activity. 
  • Look at spot fire weather forecasts from each National Weather Service office that serves a part of Colorado (our favorite source); or 
  • Contact us.