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Smoke Permits for Fire Professionals

Latest updates: 
  •  NWS has a new website address for their tabular forecast.  Also we at APCD have recently recognized that in winter the sunset time on that website doesn't match watch time.  We have updated our guide to the tabular forecast.  (3/14) 
Main Site Content:


 If you are a Fire Management Officer (FMO) or work for one,

we suggest you make this page your Colorado smoke home:



Tip: Navigate by scrolling down the left column of each page.

Check also the smoke page for everyone.




Call or email a human.

Look at an index of all documents and pages on APCD's smoke website

Look up a topic in the smoke program manual.

Read the smoke newsletter.

Read Regulation 9.

Go to APCD's wildfire smoke page.


Talk to or email a human.