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Other Assistance Web Sites


  • Small Business Environmental Home
    • This resourceful Web site was established to help small businesses access environmental compliance and pollution prevention information.


  • Design for the Environment
    • Helps businesses incorporate environmental considerations into the design and redesign of products, processes, and technical and management systems.


  • Education & Outreach Group
    • Services include environmental education, small business training and access to the Air Quality Learning Centers.


  • The Environmental Compliance Assistance Center
    • Developed as a partnership between Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 8, Front Range Community College, and Industry. Its purpose is to translate complicated environmental laws and regulations into understandable language. This center was originally developed for the automotive service industry but has since been expanded to include general environmental information and other industries.


  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Sector Notebooks
    • Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Office of Compliance has developed a series of notebooks that profile selected major industrial groups. These notebooks provide comprehensive data such as process information and regulatory requirements on each represented industry sector. The sector notebooks cover a wide array of approximately thirty industries ranging from dry cleaners to wood furniture manufacturing.



  • Technology Transfer Network (TTN) Web Sites
    • This Technology Transfer Network (TTN) is a collection of related Web sites containing information about many areas of air pollution science, technology, regulation, measurement, and prevention.