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Small Business Ombudsman

The Small Business Ombudsman (SBO) serves as an advocate for Colorado's small businesses in investigating and resolving complaints and disputes involving air quality regulations. The ombudsman is responsible for reviewing state regulatory activities to ensure that they are reasonable for small businesses, ensuring that small business interests are represented during the rule-making process, and helping small businesses obtain financing needed to comply with air quality laws. The Small Business Ombudsman (SBO) also works with Colorado's Small Business Compliance Advisory Panel to provide technical and educational assistance to small businesses.


To ensure that the ombudsman operates independently, though working closely with the Air Pollution Control Division, the ombudsman is located in the department's Sustainability Program. That way, business owners have an impartial resource to which they can file complaints or express frustration or problems with air quality programs.



Environmental Protection Agency's (EPAs) Small Business Ombudsman: The Office of the Small Business Ombudsman serves as an effective conduit for small businesses to access Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and facilitates communications between the small business community and the Agency. The Office reviews and resolves disputes with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and works with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) personnel to increase their understanding of small businesses in the development and enforcement of environmental regulations.


Office of the National Small Business Administration Ombudsman: The National Ombudsman's primary mission is to assist small businesses when they experience excessive federal regulatory enforcement actions, such as repetitive audits or investigations, excessive fines, penalties, threats, retaliation or other unfair enforcement action by a federal agency.


Elizabeth Sapio, Environmental Agriculture Program and Small Business Ombudsman

  • (303) 692-2135
  • (303) 782-4969 Fax
  • Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
    4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
    Denver, CO 80246-1530