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Oil and Gas Operating & Maintenance Plan Forms

The Operating & Maintenance (O&M) plan must be submitted up front with the construction permit application. This will enable operator’s to know what equipment monitoring requirements will apply to the emissions source before it is constructed. Once approved, the permit will be issued to the operator with a requirement to follow the Operating & Maintenance (O&M) plan from the date of equipment startup.


If your source contains unique operational characteristics, emission control equipment or the standard Operating & Maintenance (O&M) plan forms do not cover your emissions source, please submit a case specific independent Operating & Maintenance (O&M) plan for case-by-case approval by the Air Pollution Control Division (APCD). If this approach is chosen, the Operating & Maintenance (O&M) plan must still be submitted with the permit application. The Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) encourages the use of the Operating & Maintenance (O&M) plan templates below to help expedite the permit approval process.


The Operating & Maintenance (O&M) plan templates and a general guidance document explaining the use of the template forms are provided below.




Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines


Glycol Dehydrators


Fugitive Component Leaks


Condensate & Mixed Liquid Storage Tanks


Amine Sweetening Units


After the construction permit is issued, operators must file a Notice of Start-up (NOS) for the associated equipment and complete the self-certification process.

  • The Notice of Start-up (NOS) must be submitted no more than 15 days after the equipment begins to operate.
  • The Notice of Start-up (NOS) form must include the specific equipment details that were not provided with the permit application. This includes the make, model and serial number information for the emissions source and emissions control equipment.


The Notice of Start-up (NOS) form (Form APCD-103) is available on the Administrative Permit Application Forms page.