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Permit Section Memo List

These memos are indexed by date and topic. Older memos still apply. Memos not issued during some years.


2012 Memos

Memo 12-02: VOC Emissions from Composting Operations pdf file

Memo 12-01: Petroleum Contaminated Soils (PCS) at Landfills: Emission Estimation Procedures pdf file

2011 Memos 

Memo 11-05: Adoption of Alternative Operating Scenario (AOS) for Natural Gas Fired Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (RICE) Permits Not Containing an AOS Provision pdf file

Memo 11-04: Stationary Compression Ignition (CI) internal combustion engine (ICE) AOS pdf file

Memo 11-03: Permitting Guidance for Oil & Gas Industry - Natural Gas Fired Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (RICE) General Permit GP02 pdf file

Memo 11-02: Operating Permits and the Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule pdf file

Memo 11-01: Guidance on State-Wide Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (RICE) Requirements pdf file

2010 Memos 

Memo 10-03: New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) Subpart IIII Relocation to Colorado (Revised July 17, 2013) pdf file

Memo 10-02: Oil & Gas Atmospheric Condensate Storage Tank Batteries System Reporting Guidance pdf file

Memo 10-01: Permit Modeling Requirements for the 1-Hour Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) pdf file

2009 Memos 

Memo 09-02: Oil & Gas Produced Water Tank Batteries Regulatory Definitions and Permitting Guidance pdf file

Memo 09-01: Title V Operating Permit Application Due Dates pdf file

2005 Memos 

Memo 05-01: Oil & Gas Condensate Tank Batteries Guidance pdf file

2002 Memos 

Memo 02-01: Revised Air Pollution Emission Notices (APENs); Construction Permit Requirements pdf file

2000 Memos 
1999 Memos 

Memo 99-06: Public Notice Guidance pdf file

Memo 99-05: Grain Elevators pdf file

Memo 99-04: Fugitive Emissions and Major Source Status pdf file

Memo 99-03: Criteria for Determining Whether Equipment is Air Pollution Control Equipment or Process Equipment pdf file

Memo 99-02: Flares and General Incinerator Requirements pdf file

Memo 99-01: Operating Parameters for Common Control Devices pdf file

1998 Memos 

Memo 98-08: Ozone Permitting Requirements for Metro Denver pdf file

Memo 98-07A: Turbines with a Continuous Emissions Monitor pdf file

Memo 98-07B: Turbines without Continuous Emissions Monitor pdf file

Memo 98-06: Natural gas fired Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (RICE) AOS pdf file

Memo 98-04: Processing of Final Approval Permits pdf file

Memo 98-03: Short Term Limits Policy pdf file

Memo 98-02: Agricultural Activities Exemption pdf file

Memo 98-01: Confidentiality pdf file

1997 Memos 

Memo 97-05: Chrome Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) FAQ pdf file

Memo 97-04: New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) Subpart KKK Guidance pdf file

Memo 97-03: Construction Permit Conditions pdf file

Memo 97-01: Air Pollution Emissions Notice (APEN) Exempt Emission Units and Synthetic Minor Permits pdf file

1996 Memos 

Memo 96-08: Guidance on Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Fix-Up pdf file

Memo 96-07: Guidance on Emission Factor Changes and Final Approval, and CO Emissions from Asphalt Plants pdf file

Memo 96-06: Guidance on Prioritizing (red tagging) Construction Permits pdf file  

Memo 96-05: Guidance on Synthetic Minor Permits and Federal Enforceability pdf file

Memo 96-04: Guidance on Process Equipment, Equipment Vented Back Into a Building, and Determination of Uncontrolled Actual Emissions pdf file

Memo 96-03: Notice of Intent to Drill Oil and Gas Wells pdf file

Memo 96-01: Guidance on Calculating Potential To Emit for Grain Handling Facilities pdf file

1995 Memos

Memo 95-13: Grouped Air Pollutant Emission Notice (APEN) Requirements pdf file

Memo 95-12: Applicant Permit Status Notification pdf file

Memo 95-09: Emergency Generators pdf file  

Memo 95-08: House Bill 1326 (Revised July 2, 2013) pdf file

Memo 95-07: Federal Enforceability of Pre-1995 Permits pdf file

Memo 95-05: Chargeable Time pdf file

1994 Memos 

Memo 94-20: Particulate Matter (PM)-10 Precursor Requirements pdf file

Memo 94-17: Allowable Activities Prior to Permit Issuance pdf file

Memo 94-15: Application Shield Issues pdf file

Memo 94-14: Chargeable Hours for Contractor Phone Calls pdf file

Memo 94-12: Notification of Tribes pdf file

Memo 94-11: Glycol Ethers pdf file

Memo 94-10: Reg 7 Surface Coating Compliance pdf file

Memo 94-07: CFC Names pdf file

Memo 94-06: Fugitive Emissions pdf file

Memo 94-05: Construction Permits for Portable Sources pdf file

Memo 94-04: Synthetic Minor Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) Permits pdf file

Memo 94-03: Emissions Rounding/Air Polllutant Emission Notice (APEN) Fee Refunds/Final Approval pdf file

Memo 94-01: Landfill Gas Emission Calculations pdf file

1993 Memos 

Memo 93-10: 5-year Air Pollution Emissions Notice (APEN) exemption, Air Pollution Emissions Notices (APENs) without calculations pdf file

Memo 93-08: Modification Tracking Form pdf file

Memo 93-07: Gas Station Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) pdf file

Memo 93-06: Modeling Conversion Rates pdf file

Memo 93-05: Sand & Gravel Emission Factors pdf file

Memo 93-04: New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Applicability Computer System pdf file

Memo 93-03: Burnoff Ovens pdf file

Memo 93-02: Letters Re: Exemptions pdf file

Memo 93-01: TANKS - Storage tank emission calculation software pdf file

1992 Memos 

Memo 92-03: Sources Operating w/o Permits/Air Requests pdf file  

Memo 92-02: NSPS Permit Conditions pdf file