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Title V Operating Permits

In November of 1990, Congress completed a major re-drafting of the Federal Clean Air Act. Many of these changes dealt with stationary sources of air pollution. One of the most significant of those changes was the creation of the Operating Permit program in Title V of the Clean Air Act.


Operating permits include a listing of all air pollution regulatory requirements that apply to the source. The program does not allow for the addition of new emissions control requirements, but rather clarifies the air pollution control obligations of major sources by compiling in one document all of a source's compliance requirements. The intent is that by including all applicable requirements in one permit it will be easier for the source owner, the regulatory agency, and the public to determine if the source is in compliance. The permits contain monitoring, record keeping and reporting requirements designed to ensure that the source knows when it is and is not in compliance. Owners of sources with operating permits must certify that the source is in compliance each year, and the permits must be renewed every five years. Each operating permit that is issued is subject to Public Comment and offers the public an opportunity for a hearing before the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission.


Additionally, sources are provided certain flexibility options which allow them to make changes in the way they operate without needing a new or revised permit. This allows them to be able to more quickly take advantage of changing market conditions.


Who Needs Operating Permits?


Any source that emits or has the potential to emit more than 100 tons of any regulated air pollutant per year will be required to have an operating permit. In addition, any source that emits or has the potential to emit more than 10 tons per year of a hazardous air pollutant, or more than 25 tons per year of a combination of hazardous air pollutants, will be required to have an operating permit. This includes older sources which never before were required to obtain an air pollution permit.


New major sources must obtain a construction permit from the Division prior to construction and then must apply for an operating permit within 12 months of commencing operation. All source owners submitting applications for permits will be billed by the Division for the time spent processing the application. The legislature has set the processing fee at $76.45 per hour.

Operating Permit Forms


Each of the following files contain the Title V Operating Permit forms. Both a Word and a PDF file are provided.



As of January 1, 2014, the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division no longer accepts blank APENs. Additional fees will apply if an APEN is submitted without the necessary information. An application with missing information may result in longer processing times.  Please note that all APEN submissions should be completed using forms currently supplied by the Division (see Reg. 3, Part A, Section II.A).  If you need assistance, please refer to:




Operating Permits Issued


Each of the following permits have two files associated with it. The first file is a copy of the current operating permit. If a permit is modified, only the most current version of the permit will appear here.

The second file is a copy of the Technical Review document. This document is created by the permit review engineer to provide an overview of the facility and a general discussion of any important technical, regulatory or compliance issues that were encountered during the processing of the operating permit. If a permit is modified and an additional Technical Review document is generated, it will be added to the files associated with the facility. Any previous Technical Review documents will be maintained as well.


Operating Permit Index by Company



ABC Industries, Inc.


Allied Waste Systems of Colorado, LLC - Jeffco/Foothills Landfill

Allied Waste Systems of Colorado, LLC - Tower Road Landfill

American Gypsum Company - Eagle Plant

Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

BFI Waste Systems of North America, Inc. - Denver Regional Landfill North

BIV Generation Company, LLC - Brush 4

BP America Production Company - Wattenberg Gas Plant

Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.

Bargath LLC - Riley Station

Bill Barrett Corp. - Bailey Compressor Station

Bill Barrett Corp. - Mamm Creek Compressor Station

Black HIlls/Colorado Electric Utility Co., LP - Pueblo AIP Station

Black Hills/Colorado Electric Utility Co., LP - Pueblo Power Plant

Black Hills/Colorado Electric Utility Co., LP - Rocky Ford Station

Boral Material Technologies Inc. - Craig Station Facility

Boral Material Technologies, Inc. - Pawnee Station

Brite-Line Technologies, Inc.

Broadcare Landfill Inc.

Brush Cogeneration Partnerships

Buckley Air Force Base


CF&I L.P. - Seamless Mill

CF&I L.P. - Utilities

C.F. Maier Composites, Inc.

Canyon Gas Resources, Inc. - Clough Compressor Station

Carestream Health, Inc.

Cargill Meat Solutions

CEMEX Construction Materials South, LLC

Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, LLC - Cheyenne Plains Compressor Station

Colorado Interstate Gas Co. - Cheyenne Station

Colorado Interstate Gas Company, LLC - Flank Compressor Station

Colorado Interstate Gas Co., LLC - Fort Morgan Compressor Station

Colorado Interstate Gas Co. - Greasewood Compressor Station

Colorado Interstate Gas Co. - Kit Carson Compressor Station

Colorado Interstate Gas Co., LLC - Latigo Compressor Station

Colorado Interstate Gas Co. - Springfield Compressor Station

Colorado Interstate Gas Company, LLC - Watkins Compressor Station

Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo

Colorado Power Partners, Brush 1 and 3

Colorado Springs Utilities, Birdsall

Colorado Springs Utilities, Clear Spring Ranch Solids Handling and Disposal

Colorado Springs Utilities, Drake Power Plant

Colorado Springs Utilities, Nixon Power Plant

Colorado State University

Conoco Phillips Pipe Line Company - Denver Terminal

Conoco Phillips Pipeline Company - La Junta Terminal

Coors Brewing Company

CoorsTek, Inc.

Corden Pharma Colorado, Inc.


DCP Midstream, LP - Enterprise Compressor Station

DCP Midstream - Greeley Gas Processing Plant

DCP Midstream - Kersey/Membourn Gas Processing Plant

DCP Midstream. LP - Lucerne Gas Processing Plant

DCP Midstream, LP - Marla Compressor Station

DCP Midstream, LP - Platteville Gas Processing Plant

DCP Midstream, LP - Spindle Gas Processing Plant

Delta Municipal Light and Power

Denver Regional Landfill South

Duke Energy - Ladder Creek Helium Plant

Duke Energy - Roggen Gas Plant


Eagle County Landfill

Elkay Wood Products

EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) - Dragon Trail Gas Plant

EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) - Hunter Mesa Compressor Station

EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) - West Douglas Creek

Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel Mills - Rail Mill

Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel Mills - Steel Making

Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel Mills - Rod/Bar Mill




Fort Carson Army Base

Fountain Valley Power, LLC - Fountain Valley Power Plant

Front Range Landfill, Inc


Golden Aluminum, Inc.

Grand River Gathering, LLC - Hunter Mesa Compressor Station

Grand River Gathering, LLC - Pumba Compressor Station 




Industrial Insulation Group

International Business Machines

Intertape Polymer Corporation (IPG) - Brighton Facility







Kerr-McGee Gathering LLC - Fort Lupton Compressor Station

Kerr-McGee Gathering LLC - Frederick Compressor Station

 Kerr-McGee Gathering LLC - Hudson Compressor Station

Kodak Colorado Division



La Junta Municipal Utilities

Lamar Light and Power

Larimer County Landfill

Larimer Energy - Larimer Energy Facility

Las Animas Municipal Power Plant



Manchief Power Company, LLC - Manchief Generating Station

Mesa County Solid Waste Management

Metal Container Corporation

Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

Mull Drilling Company - Northwest Arapahoe

Mull Drilling Company - Sorrento



North American Resources Company - Ft. Lupton Plant

Northwest Pipeline - Pleasant View Station

Northwest Pipeline - Rangely Compressor Station

NuStar Logistics, LP - Colorado Springs Terminal

Nutri-Turf, LLC.