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Oil & Gas Industry Air Permits

As of January 1, 2014, the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division no longer accepts blank APENs. Additional fees will apply if an APEN is submitted without the necessary information. An application with missing information may result in longer processing times.  Please note that all APEN submissions should be completed using forms currently supplied by the Division (see Reg. 3, Part A, Section II.A).  If you need assistance, please refer to: www.colorado.gov/cdphe/sspermits.


Permit applicants must submit all of the following:


  • A “Construction Permit Application Completeness Checklist”
    • Form APCD-100
  • All Air Pollutant Emissions Notice (APEN) filing fees with the permit application
  • Equipment specific Air Pollutant Emissions Notice (APEN) forms when available
    • Form Series 200
  • A “Company Contact Information” form
    • Form APCD-101
  • A “Facility Wide Emissions Inventory” form
    • Form APCD-102
  • Supporting documentation of emissions calculations
  • An ambient air impact analysis
    • Unless a Volatile Organic Compound only source
  • An Operating & Maintenance plan form
    • Form Series 300, if emissions source is synthetic minor or major
  • A process flow diagram
    • If more than one emissions point at facility
  • A “Regulatory Analysis”
    • Applicant may opt for Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) to complete this review


The “Construction Permit Application Completeness Checklist” informs the permit applicant what information is required to submit a complete application. Please note, under some circumstances, certain attachments of the permit application may be excluded and the application will still be deemed administratively complete. Please follow the guidance contained on the checklist as well as the associated “Construction Permit Application Completeness Checklist” guidance document.


Submittal of a “Regulatory Analysis” along with the permit application may expedite the issuance of the permit. For an example “Regulatory Analysis” please visit the following link:


Administrative Permit
Application Forms
Air Pollutant Emissions
Notice(s) (APEN) Forms
Alternate Operating Scenario
(AOS) Reporting Forms
Construction Permit
Self-Certification Forms
Oil & Gas Odor and
Dust Permitting
Operating & Maintenance
Plan Forms
Technical Services Ambient Air
Impact Analysis Guidance


If you have questions regarding the oil and gas industry permitting process, please contact the APCD at 303-692-3150 and ask for a member of the Oil & Gas permitting unit.