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Enforcement and Reporting Violations

Colorado Air Quality Control Commission Regulation No. 4 prohibits the use of uncertified devices on air quality Action Days during the annual High Pollution Season (November - March). Uncertified devices include traditional fireplaces and any uncertified stove or insert.


You may call the indoor burning hotline to report suspected violations at (303) 692-3280. This is a recorded message line operated by the Air Pollution Control Division. The Air Pollution Control Division will typically refer the call to the local municipality in which the violation occurred.


Most local municipalities in the seven-county Denver-metropolitan area enforce indoor burning bans on air quality Action Days through local ordinances.


Enforcement actions typically start with a warning letter to the offender. Repeat violators may face monetary fines ranging from $100 to $15,000 per day of violation. More information can be found on the detailed indoor burning question and answer page.