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Indoor Air Quality (Molds, Fumes, Sick Buildings)

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Air Pollution Control Division recognizes Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as a growing public concern. Currently, there are no regulations directly addressing non-occupational indoor air quality in Colorado. Most other states and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also do not have regulations for non-occupational indoor air quality. The division is working to develop guidelines and would welcome input from the public. You may e-mail questions and comments to any of the links below. You may also check with your county health departments for individuals who are knowledgeable about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns.



Several fact sheets on wildfire recovery topics, including Indoor Air Quality, are available on the following page:


General Indoor Air Quality Mailbox


EPA Region 8
  • Ron Schiller (303) 312-6017


Denver County
  • Paul Riedesel (720) 865-5455


El Paso County
  • Mike McCarthy (719) 578-3131


Jefferson County
  • John Moody (303) 271-5714


Mesa County
  • Anna Rice (970) 683-6647


Pueblo County
  • Emmet Hance (719) 583-4328


Tri-County (Adams, Arapahoe & Douglas)
  • Michelle Kenshella (303) 846-6229