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Chlorofluorocarbon Control Program (CFCs)/Ozone Depleting Compounds

Colorado's Chlorofluorocarbon Program's mission is to reduce emissions of ozone depleting compounds, chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons through an inspection and compliance program. The program is self-supporting through fees and it regulates air conditioning and refrigeration sources throughout the state of Colorado. The program was authorized by the state legislature in 1992 and the working statute can be found at 25-7-105(11)(a-h), C.R.S.


The Chlorofluorocarbon Program is administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Air Pollution Control Division, Stationary Sources Program. Air Quality Control Regulation No. 15, "Regulation to Control Emissions of Ozone Depleting Compounds," details the program's requirements for businesses and individuals utilizing ozone depleting compounds.


Program Operations

Colorado's Chlorofluorocarbon Program contracts with seven local health departments which perform inspections, respond to complaints and initiate compliance actions in their respective counties. Training and program oversite are conducted by staff members of the state's Chlorofluorocarbon Program in the Air Pollution Control Division. Inspections, compliance and monitoring for the non-contracted portion of the state are performed by the Division's chlorofluorocarbon staff.


The Chlorofluorocarbon Program regularly inspects stationary and automotive sources for compliance and responds to general complaints regarding ozone depleting compounds. A Chlorofluorocarbon HOTLINE is available to leave messages, report violations or to request assistance in either the state or federal chlorofluorocarbon programs. The number for the state Chlorofluorocarbon HOTLINE is 303-692-3200. All calls are returned within 24 hours by a staff member. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) information and material may be obtained from the Division staff or any of the participating local agencies listed in the next two sections.




Boulder County Health Department

  • Bonnie Greenwood (303) 441-1174


Broomfield Environmental Health Department

  • Steve Stillwell (720) 887-2293


City and County of Denver Environmental Protection Division

  • Gary Laswell (720) 865-5440


Jefferson County Department of Health and Environment

  • David Volkel (303) 271-5730


Larimer County Department of Health and Environment

  • Doug Bjorlo (970) 498-6783


Pueblo County Health Department
  • Jeff Mara (719) 583-4982


Weld County Health Department

  • Phil Brewer (970) 304-6415 ext. 2227


General Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Mailbox


Chlorofluorocarbon Control Program (CFCs) Group


If not available, contact
  • Rick Fatur, Unit Supervisor, 303-692-3261


Mailing Address

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Air Pollution Control Division

APCD-IE-B1 CFC Program

4300 Cherry Creek Drive South

Denver, CO 80246-1530


Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (303) 692-3476


US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), REGION VIII OFFICE
1595 Wynkoop St.
Denver, CO 80202-1129
Phone Number: (303) 312-6312
Toll free Number: (800) 227-8917 (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY only)
Contact: Cindy Reynolds (303) 312-6206


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) HOTLINE: (800) 296-1996

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ozone Depletion Home Page