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Lead-Based Paint

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Air Pollution Control Division is responsible for developing and implementing lead certification and abatement regulations for child occupied facilities and target housing, as mandated by state statute (25-5-1101 C.R.S., et seq.). The statute governs the inspection and assessment of lead based paint and lead based paint hazards, lead contaminated soil and lead contaminated dust, and the abatement of lead based paint hazards.


The Colorado State Legislature has adopted the concept of "lead-safe" housing instead of "lead-free" housing. Commensurate with this concept, the goal of the state regulations will not be the removal of all lead-based paint, but the creation of housing and facilities where no significant lead-based paint hazard is present.


We have some important information about preventing lead poisoning available in both English and Spanish that we would like to share with you.  Please read our bilingual flier, then encourage someone you know to read it and share with another person.



General Lead Mailbox


Lead Based Compliance Assistance Group
If the above are unavailable please contact
  • Steven Fine (303) 692-3164


Childhood lead poisoning has been identified as the number one preventable environmental health threat to children in the United States. In Colorado, a steering committee of some 20 individuals, representing a variety of federal, state and local entities, both public and private, have partnered to coordinate the development of a statewide lead poisoning elimination plan focused on three general areas of concern:

  1. Identifying children who are at risk of lead poisoning, testing those children, and initiating action;
  2. Educating parents and the public at large about the risks of lead poisoning and the role we each play in preventing it; and
  3. Identifying and controlling sources of lead in our environment.


This plan includes goals, objectives and strategies designed to prevent childhood lead poisoning. Everyone can play a role in this important effort. Please review the plan and contact us when you are ready to get involved.




The Air Pollution Control Division proposed revisions to Regulation No. 19, Lead-Based Paint Abatement, that included requirements for Pre-Renovation Education in Target Housing.  These requirements were developed to match the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements under their Lead; Requirements for Hazard Education Before Renovation of Target Housing final rule. The division's proposed revisions to Regulation No. 19 became effective on April 30, 2007.



Anyone whose work disturbs paint could be covered by Regulation 19, Part B. Some information about this regulation can be found in our pamphlet: