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Emissions Technical Centers - Customer Service Facilities

The Emissions Technical Centers are multi-task facilities that conduct a variety of customer service and field activities to help motorists and the repair industry meet emissions requirements. Customers of the Emissions Technical Centers include: motorists, independent and franchised auto dealers, automotive repair technicians, diesel fleet owners and operators, diesel repair facility owners and technicians, petroleum marketers, alternative fuel vehicle converters and consumers, and the Colorado Department of Revenue.


The Emissions Technical Center staff answers questions from automobile technicians and the general public regarding emissions repairs and the vehicle inspection programs. Staff conduct individual vehicle evaluations to diagnose recurrent emissions problems and to accommodate consumer challenges over emissions test results.


Staff at the Emissions Technical Centers also provide training and certification for repair technicians and emissions inspectors, and conduct field inspections in support of the Diesel Emissions Control Program and the Oxygenated Gasoline Program.


Emissions Technical Center locations and phone numbers
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For more information, e-mail or phone us at (303) 744-2442