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AA Mary Jane Yorke All paperwork prepared for your signature. Bring in your workers or locate new ones. $1,500 fee and up. Dairy farms and livestock care included. Prepare all paperwork, forms and notices for you. Answer legal and other questions. Provide guidance and instruction. Bring in your workers or arrange new ones screened for you.

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Benouis Law Office  H2A Application & Recruiting

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 The Benouis Law Office (www.GuestWorker.Com) has on staff, personnel that have worked with the various government entities for over a decade. Together, we bring an abundance of knowledge in the area of the Guest Worker programs. We have provided over 2,000 companies with the placement and recruitment of over 50,000 Guest Workers. Our firm will assist employers in bringing foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary agricultural jobs for which U.S. workers are not available. We will prepare all the paperwork for submittal to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and schedule the visa appointment(s) with the U.S. Consulate office in the foreign nationals' country of origin.

Under the new regulations effective January 17, 2009, we will prepare newspaper advertisements in multi-states that are considered areas of traditional labor supply, as directed by DOL. Based on the results of your initial recruitment efforts, we will complete the written recruitment report for your signature and subsequent submittal to DOL. We will also maintain copies of correspondence signed and dated by you as well as the newspaper tear sheets in our files, and be prepared to submit such documentation in response to a request from DOL.

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Florida East Coast Travel Services H2A Application & Recruiting   Combined service and fee schedule  Florida East Coast Travel Services (Flects) was established in 1987 for employers that utilize the U.S. Department of Labor H2 program.  Flects is a subsidiary of the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association based in Maitland, Florida. Flects has extensive experience in processing H2A workers for many agricultural associations and over 120 independent growers.

Through our offices in Miami, Florida, Brownsville, Texas, Matamoros, Mexico, Monterrey, Mexico and Kingston, Jamaica we can insure that your company can get the workers it requires in a timely manner. The Flects staff is highly trained in will assist your company in filing, processing, recruiting and transporting your workers. Through our contacts with the Greyhound bus lines we offer one of the most competitive transportation prices. If you would like more information about Flects please contact us at 1-800-823-1146 or via e-mail

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Growers Labor Services H2A Application & Recruiting  Combined Service & fee schedule  Growers Labor Services provides legal, reliable and well-trained foreign workers to US farmers through the H2A program. GLS is different from many other H2A contractors, in that we act as the employer of record, taking care of all of the recruiting, hiring, legal paperwork, and transporting of the workers both to and from the US farms. We specialize in matching our workers with the specific crops of our clients, resulting in higher productivity and less accidents. We provide the quality of workers that our clients would like to hire themselves, but with GLS employees you get the added advantage of having them there when you need them, and gone when you don¿t.
Farmers and Fruit Growers: GLS is the employer of record. As a client some of the advantages and services you enjoy are:
Reduced Risk
Easy access to legal, dependable, experienced and motivated workers
Minimized administrative and record keeping requirements
Workers delivered to your doorstep
Proprietary payroll system that keeps the workers on the job
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H2A Complete LLC H2A Application & Recruiting  Combined Service & fee schedule  We are a part of a family of companies that have been providing temporary and guest workers in the US for 20 years.  H2A Complete LLC specializes in providing services related to the H-2A visa program.  Currently we are the largest employer of H-2A labor to the citrus industry in Florida.  The services offered include application processing, recruiting, payroll services, consulting and off-site management.  H2A Complete LLC can assist the farmer in housing site selection and/or building their own permanent housing.  The farmer selects just the services needed and only pays for the services used.  This is perfect for farmers who need limited assistance in running their own H-2A program.

For those farmers who do not want the headaches or liabilities of running their own H2A program, we are one of only a handful of companies in the country who offer a complete "turn-key" option where we do everything for a successful program.  The "turn-key" option includes all the services listed above, plus H2A Complete LLC will be the official employer of record in behalf of the farmer.   This leaves the farmer free to run his business without having to learn the hundreds of complex regulations under the H-2A program.

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Labor Connection H2A Application & Recruiting Combined  Service & fee schedule  Why Labor Connection!  Yes, there are a handful of companies out there providing the same services as us.  Nonetheless, our mission is simple. "To assist the agriculture industry in the United States to continually feed America and the world by placing the best guest workers with the right employer, thus mutually benefiting the U.S. Economy and the world."

We have a set fee of $300* per worker.  Unlike many companies and attorneys we do not have expensive hidden fees nor do we take a percentage of the workers payroll. LaborConnection services include processing of all the requested and proper documentation, interviewing and recruiting workers at no additional cost, tracking the process to make the certification and approval of H2A visas as easy as possible.   We have 15 plus years combined experience and a large pool of workers that we place every year. 

*Fee covers our services but excludes state, federal and advertisement fees.

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Labormex Inc H2A Application & Recruiting Combined 201+ workers:
$50 per worker

101-200 workers:
$75 per worker

50-100 workers:
$100 per worker

20-49 workers:
$150 per worker

11-19 workers:
$200 per worker

1-10 flat fee $2000

Labormex Inc. has been in business for over 6 years, we specialize in finding the most cost effective way of handling all of your agricultural labor requirements. We have a great reputation and will gladly provide references. Labormex Inc. assists clients with H-2A applications, taking care of all of the paperwork from submitting initial application forms with the Department of Labor and USCIS to scheduling consulate appointments, and filling out Employee forms. We will basically assist and guiding employers through the whole H-2A process.

We have recruiting offices in Central Mexico. Labormex Inc, does not outsource; we do all of the recruiting in house. All of our applicants are pre-screened with proper background checks. Labormex Inc. has a database with thousands of qualified candidates that are accustom to working in the agricultural field. Labormex Inc. will send company representatives to the consulate appointments and arrange for transportation to work site. We are available for translation and HR services as well. We like to keep in contact with employers even after the workers have arrived to their work site and have begun working.

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masLaborWest H2A Application & Recruiting Combined  Service & fee schedule  Libby Whitley and MASLabor are the "go to" resource for employers who want their H-2A paperwork handled correctly. We maximize your flexibility with the program and minimize your costs and potential liabilities.

While our primary expertise is the multi-agency regulatory approval process, we also maintain the highest caliber resources for recruiting. Our comprehensive service includes coordination with an elite group of worker agents selected for both competence and ethics. Our resources include the most experienced agricultural agents in Mexico and Central America to ensure that your workers are prepared for the tough physical demands of crop work.

For Colorado employers, our capabilities are further enhanced by our affiliation with Larry Gallegos. Larry can visit on-site to assist you with getting started and then again when workers arrive to assist with bi-lingual communications. Contact Larry at 303-709-8416.

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USAMEX H2A Application for Colorado Guest Worker Pilot Program $2,800.00
(any number of workers)
USAMEX will provide helpful free consultation so that employers may decide whether to use the H2A program or not. For eligible Colorado agricultural employers, USAMEX Ltd Co. promises to perform all allowed tasks as an agent to consult and prepare all needed documentation and forms needed to satisfy the US-DOL H2A program certification process. USAMEX will conform to all US-DOL and Colorado NASWPP requirements. USAMEX will prepare all US-CIS documentation to obtain visas for a group of foreign workers. USAMEX will prepare needed documents for a group of workers to obtain visas at a US Consulate. USAMEX will conform to all US-CIS and US-State Department Consular requirements.  Expanded service description
USAMEX H2A Worker Basic Recruiting $77.00 (per worker)

Premium Service:
add $75.00 (per worker)
USAMEX will provide recommendations and information so that eligible Colorado agricultural employers may decide to request a specific foreign worker to receive an H2A visa assigned to the employer. For, USAMEX Ltd Co. promises to perform all allowed tasks as your agent to find, interview and determine the qualifications of candidates. USAMEX will provide the visa candidate adequate information to accept or reject the employer¿s job offer. USAMEX will prepare all needed documentation and forms to satisfy the US-Consulate visa issuance requirements. USAMEX will conform to all US-DOL, US-CIS, US DOS and Colorado NASWPP requirements.


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