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Home Care Allowance (HCA) and Adult Foster Care (AFC) 


Home Care Allowance (HCA) provides a financial allowance that must be used to purchase specific chore, personal care, and support services.


Adult Foster Care (AFC) provides a financial allowance to pay for residential care to an approved facility for eligible applicants.


What are the Benefits of HCA & AFC? 

The HCA provides cash assistance to elderly and disabled individuals for unskilled care services paid directly to a home care provider of the client’s choice. The home care provider assists the client with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and transfers,and with supportive service such as money management, and appointment management.  


The AFC program provides financial assistance to pay for residential care to an approved facility for eliglble applicants. 


How to Apply

To apply for HCA or AFC benefits you will need to call or go to your County Department of Social/Human  Services.