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People Helping People

At CDHS, we are "people who help people." We are proud of our Disability Determination Services (DDS) team for going above and beyond to help their counterparts in Oklahoma after a very dangerous tornado - experts call it an EF5 - leveled Moore in 2013.

The afternoon the tornado struck, Colorado DDS staff contacted their counterparts in Oklahoma to check on their welfare. CDHS staff continued to monitor the situation and the next day received information that three Oklahoma DDS staff had lost everything.

Led by the Colorado Chapter of the National Association of Disability Examiners (CADE), the Colorado DDS teams jumped into action to provide monetary assistance for the three families.

Our DDS team recently received a thank you note from one of the families, marking just how long it has taken for them to get their lives back. The DDS team was honored to have provided help and support, and we all are grateful that our Oklahoma neighbors are emerging from tragedy and moving forward.

Thanks to our DDS team for their hard work and dedication.