Annual Reports


The Domestic Violence Program Annual Reports provide comprehensive information on the delivery of services to Colorado citizens who have been victimized by domestic violence.

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These reports include the type of services victims received, how many clients received services, and the funding that is provided to ensure this service delivery.  DVP provides funding for domestic violence crisis centers throughout the state of Colorado.  These programs save lives by providing 24-hour crisis lines, safe shelter, empowerment-based advocacy, information and referrals to community resources, and most importantly a deep knowledge of the impact that domestic violence has on the lives of survivors and their families.


Additionally, these reports include information on the activies of DVP including community engagement, partnerships and collaborations, special projects, and trainings.  Click on the years below to download DVP's annual reports.


For more information contact:


Chelsea Baldwin

Colorado Department of Human Services

Domestic Violence Program

1575 Sherman Street, 3rd Floor

Denver, CO 80203