Colorado Department of Human Services

Mission and Vision

Colorado Works program staff are proud to stand behind their mission, vision and goals, which are as follows:


Mission: The Colorado Works State Team provides leadership in strengthening families by promoting opportunities for comprehensive training, fiscal support, technical assistance, and program development to county staff, community service providers and other human service stakeholders in Colorado.


Vision: Through its guidance and resources, the Colorado Works State Team is the driving force that supports all Colorado families to become safe, stable, strong and self sufficient.



  1. Ensure that county departments and program partners have the tools, resources, and training needed to implements financial assistance programs that are accurate and timely.
  2. Build capacity and provide opportunities for low-income Coloradans to prepare for, gain, and retain employment.
  3. Identify and promote strategies to increase household income and economic stability.
  4. Serve as a financial safety net for the aged, disabled, children, and parents while participating in work related activities.
  5. Promote family and individual safety and stability, healthy relationships, and well-being.