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Child Care Background Check Information

The Criminal Background Check (CBC) Unit which works in conjunction with the Division of Child Care, conducts fingerprint-based criminal background checks on employees, operators of licensed childcare facilities, and adults residing in a licensed facility. These checks are required as part of the Child Care Licensing Act, which is governed by Child Care Licensing, Section 26-6-107(1) (a) (I) (A). You can read the Child Care Licensing Act by going to the Colorado Statute Manager link.


The CBC Unit works with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Division of Child Care to gather and investigate criminal history information on all employees or operators of child care facilities. The criminal background check process begins with the completion and submission of the fingerprint card. Follow the fingerprint link to learn how to complete a fingerprint card.


The CBC unit also receives information on subsequent arrests of all individuals who were originally fingerprinted as an employee or operator of a licensed facility from CBI. This is called the flagging system and is a part of the criminal background check process. This process continues until a Name Removal Form is completed.  When the employee resigns or is terminated, the operator closes the facility or an individual living in the home moves out the Name Removal Form must be completed and submitted to CBC.  Completing the Name Removal Form is the responsibility of the licensed facility or home.


The CBC Unit’s procedure constitutes only one piece of the criminal background check process. The unit works in conjunction with licensing specialists, the 24-hour Monitoring Unit and other interested parties to complete the background process. As a facility operator or owner, you may be required to show background documents, such as final dispositions, to several interested parties. It is your responsibility to maintain copies of these documents.

Background Investigation Unit (BIU) Forms:
  • Facility Inquiry form is to be used by all facilities licensed by CDHS, Division of Child Care.  Please ensure that only one license number is listed on the form and that it is the license number for the facility at which the individual works or is identified as working at.  This includes those employees who float between licensed facilities.  Please use the same license number that was used on the fingerprint card when the card was submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
  • Name Removal Form is required when the employee resigns or is terminated, to end the process of flagging for that individual in the criminal background check process.


You can contact the CBC Unit at:


Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP)

Criminal Background Check Unit
1600 West 24th Street
Pueblo, CO 81003


Phone Numbers:

Gina Skul (719) 546-5044
Julie Maestas (719) 546-5042
Molly Milusnic (719) 546-5040

Fax Number (719) 546-4459